Sugar Pop Slot Machine

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About Sugar Pop

Sugar Pop is an online video slot machine game that takes the top-rated mobile application Candy Crush into a slot game! This features Special Candies, Level-Up Game Play, and Bonus Patterns! It is a 5×5 arrangement of Candies in which 3 or more candies touching either vertically or horizontally will result into a matching combination. In auto play, you can select the coin value (ranges from 0.20 to 1.00), bet per spin (50 to 250), and the number of automatic spins (5 – 100). After done choosing, you can click confirm and start popping some candies!

Winning combinations are determined by the pay-table. Simply click on View Pays to reveal the winning combinations. All ways pay that includes not only horizontal patterns but also vertical patterns!

If 4 or 5 candies combine, Special Candies are created. Every time a combination occurs, these matching candies will pop and allow more candies above to cascade in. More winnings will be tallied until there is no more matching combination. Super Color is formed when 4 of the same color combines. Color Bomb is created when 5 of the same color forms a combination.

During game play, Special Candies may appear whenever there is a combination (Super Colors or Color Bombs) or at random with other cascading candies. If a Super Color or a Color Bomb merges with candies of their matching colors, a Special Candy is formed. A Special Candy’s payout is the sum of all the candy symbols that were crushed during the feature. All regular candies will pop first before the Special Candies can do their special actions.

Sugar Pop slot machine lets you earn points during game play that result into a higher level. Every time you fill the meter located at the right side of the main game, your level will go up. As your level goes high, more special candies will be unlocked. Currently there are 5 worlds with 30 levels of game play.

On the left side of the game, you will see the Bonus Pattern. Hitting the Bonus Pattern gives you 600 more points which are added to the level score. In order to get this, you must destroy the candies based on the pattern. Obtaining the Bonus Patter doesn’t give you additional credits.


Sugar Pop slot machine game is like just playing your highly addictive Candy Crush game. The Level- up game play will surely make you hooked up into this game for hours! And this only takes one single spin!