Stephanie Demolishes Demolition Squad

Stephanie M. from Norwich wins £5,280 on NetEnt’s Demolition Squad slot machine, plans trip to Sweden to meet game developers and see the sights.

When Stephanie first graduated from university, she wasn’t certain what to do with herself. “I’m still figuring out which job offer I want to take, so I have a lot of free time.” Ordinarily, Stephanie used her free time playing her favourite game, but her computer had recently broken down. “Luckily, I still had my phone, so I fell back on playing mobile games.”

From there, Stephanie encountered the world of online casinos. “I found out that a lot of them offer this free spins no deposit bonus, and I figured that I would give one a whirl.” Stephanie quickly found it to be an enjoyable way to spend her free time while she was waiting for her computer to get fixed. That was when she encountered the Demolition Squad slot machine.

Demolition Squad“It had everything that I wanted. Good music, great pacing, and lots of prizes.” Stephanie was more focused on the potential of winning big than anything else. “Most slot machines have those wild card bonuses, but I wasn’t looking out for them,” Stephanie said with a smile, “I was looking for the scatter bonus.” The scatter bonus would trigger with three yellow hard-hat signs at the minimum.

When the scatter bonus finally came, it offered her ten free spins in a row. Those free spins were all given a 3x multiplier and were combined to give her one massive winning off of one spin alone. This gave Stephanie a £5,280 win–and was only on the smallest possible scatter bonus. “Some scatter bonuses can give you even more free spins,” Stephanie added, “so I’m hoping that I’ll get a bigger win some day.”

Stephanie now hopes to use her winnings to travel to Sweden so that she can meet her favourite game developers. “They’re pretty friendly, so I bet that they’ll be willing to take a selfie with me,” she laughed, “and I certainly won’t mind seeing the sights in Sweden; I’ve never been before!” Stephanie does plan to keep playing Demolition Squad while she’s there, cheekily adding: “Maybe some day I can meet the folks who developed Demolition Squad, too!”