Ryan Racks Up £1,250 Win on South Park

Big fan of the TV series wins on NetEnt’s popular South Park slot machine, plans to binge-buy South Park memorabilia.

As far as Ryan is concerned, he doesn’t think that there is a bigger fan of South Park in the United Kingdom. The raunchy American comedy had been his favourite show ever since he first caught an episode of it, and soon he found himself collecting anything to do with the show. “I just love how it never goes stale,” Ryan enthused, “and it isn’t afraid to go the extra mile for offensiveness.”

south-parkIt didn’t take long for Ryan to find the South Park slot machine online, but for once it wasn’t because he’d been looking for it. “Out of all of the places to stumble upon something South Park related, I would have never guessed that an online casino would be it.” Ryan laughed. “I suppose that South Park is seeking me out now!”

Ryan had been using his free spins no deposit bonus from signing up at an online casino when he decided to check out what other games he could play. “I was getting sick of the one that I was playing on, so I made a deposit and got ready to try out some new ones–and there it was.”

As if it wasn’t enough to find a South Park game, the game itself was surprisingly good. “I’d never seen a game packed so full of mini-games and bonuses.” Ryan said with a chuckle. “Typically I don’t expect to win when I go to a casino of any kind, but with that many ways to win on a spin? It looked like a no-brainer to me.”

While his £1,250 wasn’t nearly as substantial as it could have been had he been lucky enough to get access to a mini-game, Ryan still plans to use that unexpected boost in income to expand on his South Park collection. “How many people get the chance to have £1,000 completely free to spend however they would like?” Ryan has since added the game to his Android so that he can play on the go as well. “If I win bigger, I might go on a trip to the United States to see the studio and meet the creators, you know?” Ryan laughed. “Until then, I’m fine with ordering some more collectible stuff.”