Magic Portals Slot Machine

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About Magic Portals

Do you believe in Wizards? Werewolves? Dragons? If no, start believing because NetEnt brings you its game Magic Portals where the myths become reality. You are in a place where all these myths are reality and these mythical characters can win you coins. Start your quest for gold in this slot machine game where the perfect combinations can earn you up to 67000 coins. Start with 4500 coins and start winning and adding more to your balance. The game depicts magic which yields gold based on the combinations. Like the common slot machine game, this game follows the same rules, but the addition of the mythical characters and settings give a dynamic and interactive look to the game.

The adventure begins when a user enters the land where magic is for real. Where our welcomed heroes bet their existing coins in an attempt to muster coins with experiencing the mysterious world of dragons and wizards.

Are you fearless enough to land in this area where your luck can save your wealth because Magic Portals is where luck shines and makes people rich. Bet continuously and if tired, start autoplay where automatic spins are triggered up to 100 in number. Bet up to 250 coins as watch them multiply handsomely. Be ready for some real magic as your money increases as you go.

Your luck wins you coins, free spins and wild success. Free spins earn you money without betting anything. Just add free coins to your bank. If your wild success regime begins, watch the coins pour like water into your coin bank. Watch as the coins pile up so much that your greed for more intensifies.


NetEnt has the same basic rules for Magic Portals just like other games developed by them. The same convention is followed in this game too with the basic rules of casino slot machine not compromised and addition of concept marking the legacy of this game. This time, induction of myths has proven the creativity of NetEnt and offers a new dimension as well as a more dynamic experience to the game. The game includes additional features such as free spins and wild wins. Free spins are won during regular spins and wild wins are mere luck. Additional free spins can be won during a free spin. Other exciting features are exotic graphics, animations and sound effects Magic portals like other games on the site give a unique feeling and offers a new type of adventure to users. This game is perfect for people who love fictional mysteries and characters in traditional stories and also love gambling on slot machines.


The brilliant work of the company reflects in the gameplay of Magic Portals. The concept of myths is portrayed brilliantly in this game and users who will play this game are surely going to love this game and its concept.