Lucky 8 Line Slot Machine

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About Lucky 8 line

Following the traditional gameplay of 9 reel slot machine, NetEnt has for its users, Lucky 8 line. A game following the conventional gameplay with a setting in a room of casino. Why go to a casino when you can experience the same sitting at home. Easy to play, this game does not include the long line of unique settings and rather has a simple environment of a casino with the traditional logos of bar, cherries used in the slot machine interface. It looks quite cooler than the traditional slot machines. Wins are possible on any one of 3 horizontal lines, 3 vertical lines and/or both diagonals so get ready to win it all. You bet and test your luck because it will yield you coins. Imagine standing in a casino spinning the slot machine and betting like you are the richest person on the planet. A just for fun game in which the minimum bet is 1 and the max is 64 coins. After you spin the wheel (like in real casino), a spin triggers which eithers earns you more coins or leaves you broke. When you bet on a line and set the coin at stake, the spin produces random combinations of pictures, which, if matches the pay table located on top of the game, you win!
So get ready for excitement in this thrilling game Lucky 8 Line available on NetEnt website with several other awesome games to play. They have the autoplay feature in almost every game of theirs, which will trigger automatic spins and test your luck. You can stop the auto play in case things go the wrong way for you.


The game is very easy to play with a pleasant and simple interface offering the players same experience as of a casino. A rather simpler game than others yet featuring some prominent features. BET MAX feature allows user to play the game at the maximum bet lines, highest bet level, and the pre-selected coin value. This one is for the daring people who want to get the most out of the Lucky 8 line game and are ready to risk coins for something big. Wait for that rare jackpot and live the moments when people run out of casinos with bags of money. Fast play option makes the game fast and triggers quick spins and bets. With interactive graphics, sound effects and the traditional setting of slot machine makes this game stand out from the others.


Lucky 8 line is a game worth playing as it does not features peculiar settings and is best for people who want to get the original feeling of playing on a casino slot machine.