Justin Wins £2,575 on Silent Run

Newcomer to the online casino scene from London wins £2,575 on NetEnt’s Silent Run, plans trip to France.

Long-time fan of submarines Justin L. was seeking a new pastime to fill the void left after he retired. “I couldn’t keep up at work anymore, so I finally retired,” Justin sighed, “but I didn’t have anything better to do.” Justin spent most of his free time reading about submarine warfare while looking over old letters from his uncle. “My uncle used to work on a submarine during World War II. It’s fascinating stuff, really.”

Justin’s daughter was the one to suggest an online casino to him. “I didn’t believe it when she showed me the free spins no deposit bonus. A casino giving something away for free? Nope.” Justin laughed. “Didn’t buy that for a second.” When Justin was proven wrong, he immediately dove in. “Used up all of my free spins over ten days, and by then I’d figured that it wouldn’t hurt to make a deposit.”

Silent RunThe Silent Run slot machine didn’t catch his eye until his daughter pointed it out to him. “I couldn’t believe my eyes! A slot machine that pretended to be a submarine?” Justin tried it out in free play at first, admiring the feature preview. “I wanted to get into that mini-game, no matter what.” The mini-game involves picking out a ship to target out of four vessels, with each one providing a different bonus. “You get three shots, and the second and third shot double and triple the reward you get.”

Once Justin entered the mini-game, he knew he was lucky. “I had a good feeling about it,” Justin said, “and that turned out to be completely right!” Justin walked away from the mini-game with a £2,575 prize. “That’s a good haul considering that I didn’t have to work for it.” Justin laughed.

Now, Justin plans to travel to France to visit several World War II sites. “I always wanted to have a firsthand look at some of those places.” Justin had never left the United Kingdom before in his life, but always dreamed of it. “With this win, I finally don’t feel like I have to justify the trip.”