Joseph Wins £2,165 in a Flash on Frankenstein

Wrexham lad wins big on a lucky spin in NetEnt’s Frankenstein, plans to head to France with his friends.

After first joining an online casino, Joseph wasn’t sure what he wanted to do. “I had the free spins no deposit bonus, so I started with that,” Joseph began, “but I wasn’t sure if I wanted to stick with the machine that the bonus worked with.” By the time that Joseph had made his first deposit, he’d decided to move on. “It’s not that I hated that machine–I saw that there was over a hundred other machines and wanted to give them all a shot.”

FrankensteinJoseph didn’t end up getting very far, however: he fell in love with the Frankenstein slot machine the instant that he started playing it. “It might just be my favourite machine,” Joseph said with a laugh, “or at least my top ten. I get a thrill out of it.” The fast spins and active music drew him in immediately, while the multiple ways to win kept him playing.

While he’d never been a big fan of Frankenstein, he found the slot machine to be appealing. “The way that the Lightning Wild worked made it so much easier for me to win, so I always felt like I had a good chance with every spin.” Joseph was talking about one of the two special wild cards that Frankenstein utilized. A Lightning Wild would spread over to reels two, three, and four, changing anything that it spreads to into a wild card. The resulting Linked Wild that came from Lightning Wild spreading gave Joseph a £2,165 winning spin.

Now, Joseph plans to go to France with his friends to party all weekend. “We haven’t been able to spend a week together in ages,” Joseph said, “so I’m going to surprise them with the winnings.” The winnings give him enough to go on a bar crawl with his friends and enjoy a great meal. “We might go to a museum, too, just for something to do.” Joseph smiled. “It’s been ages since we’ve had the chance to go hang out like we used to, so I can’t wait to take the weekend and spend it with my mates.”