Jeremy Free Spins to £6,075 in Lost Island

A lucky scatter bonus lets Cheltenham resident win big, plans to upgrade vacation with wife to Jamaica.

Jeremy was never much of a big player at casinos. “I never liked how it felt in a casino; the whole environment just wasn’t for me.” The online casino scene, however, appealed to Jeremy. “I liked the privacy of it, and being able to play wherever I wanted to really made me happy.” He laughed. “My wife wasn’t a big fan of it, obviously, so I put her in charge of how much money could be deposited into my account.”

To demonstrate to her that there was something to it, Jeremy showed her the free spins no deposit bonus that he got on registration. “She watched me play and was amazed when I actually won a few times.” Jeremy smiled. “It was a proof of concept. She was still pretty sceptical, but she let me deposit some money to play on other machines.”

Lost Island“I chose the Lost Island slot machine after reading about it.” Jeremy wanted a machine that was colourful and fun for his wife to watch while still offering plenty of ways to win. “She didn’t want to play and swore she didn’t like it, but I could tell that she loved watching it.” He laughed. “It made it so much more worth it when I got the scatter bonus and won.”

Jeremy’s £6,075 win shocked his wife, who never expected him to win more than enough to keep spinning. “She kept insisting that the machines only pay out enough for you to keep playing, like it’s a scam.” Jeremy grinned. “So the look on her face when I won that much was priceless.”

The couple now plan to combine his winnings with their original vacation money. “We’d had a vacation planned out already to go around Europe, but with this we have enough to go to Jamaica.” Jamaica had long been their dream vacation, but they’d never been able to save enough. “I think my wife plans to get her own account at an online casino as well. She wants to try her hand at getting her own jackpot.” Jeremy is eager to play Lost Island again once their vacation is done. “I’m sure we’ll have some casinos there to play at, or at least on the cruise.”