Hannah Wins 2,000 Coins in Mega Joker

Oxford student wins Supermeter Jackpot in NetEnt’s Mega Joker, aims for bigger rewards down the line.

“The most important thing for me was to not get addicted,” Hannah began, “so I kept myself restricted to the tightest budget that I could muster.” Hannah had heard about online casinos, but was skeptical about her own luck. “When I heard of the free spins no deposit bonus, I knew that I could use that as my foot in the door.”

Mega JokerShe didn’t win much from her free spins, so she decided to find a slot machine that would maximize the number of spins she could do without minimizing her winnings too much. That was how she came upon the Mega Joker slot machine. “The maximum bet was £2, so it never felt as though I was spending a ton of money.” Her strict limit on deposits once her free spin winnings ran out meant that she never had to worry about overdrawing her account, either.

Mega Joker was fast and lacked the elaborate animations of some other machines, making it easy for Hannah to sit down and complete her spins for the day. “It has a progressive jackpot, too, that I hope to hit some day.” Hannah explained. “I was much more welcoming to this machine because the paytable is built in directly to the machine itself, so you always know exactly what you’re spinning for.”

Hannah’s win on the Supermeter Jackpot netted her 2,000 coins. “I was surprised. The Supermeter is the hardest part of Mega Joker,” Hannah stated, “and I never expected to get it right.” After winning on the bottom slots, the winnings from a successful spin are moved up to the top slots. From there, players can choose to either claim the winnings, increase their bet on the winnings to aim for bigger prizes, or just spin.

Now that Hannah has a more substantial amount of money to play with, she plans to try out other machines. “I never knew that an online casino would reward frugality!” Hannah still plans to save Mega Joker as a favourite slot machine, as she fully expects to continue using it even though she already won. “It’s not as though you can only win once–and besides, I still need to win the progressive jackpot!”