Emily Evolves, Wins £1,885 on Evolution

After upgrading her phone and switching to the mobile casino app, London resident wins and plans trip to Scotland.

Emily had been stubbornly refusing to upgrade her phone for years. “I just didn’t see the point. A cell phone is for phone calls.” Emily said with a fake angry tone. “Of course, I realize now that it was a load of bollocks: I was missing out on a ton of fun. I was just scared of change.”

A regular at an online casino, Emily was motivated to upgrade her phone when she noticed that her deposit bonus gave her a bunch of free spins on a slot machine. “I started to realize that most of the slot machines that I played on could also be played on mobile,” Emily began, “and the casino gave out extra free spins for mobile players!”

EvolutionOnce she upgraded and used her free spins, Emily started trying out other slot machines. “I picked out the Evolution slot machine because it reminded me of a game that I played when I was younger.” The colourful creatures and cinematic videos that played gave her something fun to do while on the go.

“It’s funny, but for all the time that I spent at an online casino, I never realized that some slot machines have free spins built into them,” Emily admitted with a chuckle. When she earned a scatter bonus, she was amazed to see the free spins that she won. “Unlike the deposit bonus free spins, these ones played all in a row and combined the total to be my winnings.” Emily was excited when she saw her £1,885 win.

Emily now plans to travel over to Scotland. “I know that it isn’t that big of a deal to go to Scotland, but for me, this is the most important trip.” Emily’s family all live in Scotland, some of which she hasn’t been able to see since she was a child. “Between all of us being too busy and none of us having the money to take a weekend off, I didn’t think that I would get to see my grandparents again.” Emily is now hopeful that she’ll be able to see everyone that she hasn’t seen in over a decade. Thanks to her win, money won’t be an issue no matter how overboard they go.