Dylan Wins £1,000 on Arabian Nights

Recent resident of Norwich wins on Arabian Nights, is torn between aiming higher or upgrading his phone.

anEven a small win can seem big when you’re only betting with £5. For Dylan, that was what made the Arabian Nights slot machine exciting. “I didn’t want to deposit anything, and my winnings weren’t that impressive on my first machine, so I didn’t have a lot of options.” Despite that, Dylan was drawn to Arabian Nights by the way that it was fast and simple without looking cheap.

Dylan had initially joined an online casino for the free spins no deposit bonus. “I was a bit down on my luck, not gonna lie.” Dylan laughed. “I’d moved barely even a week ago and my new job had fallen through at the last moment, so I was up in limbo.” Dylan heard about online casinos and knew that some of them offered free bonuses, so he picked one that gave him free spins on a machine and tried it out. “I didn’t get a lot, but I knew that if I picked the right machine, I could surely get more.”

Arabian Nights seemed like a good fit. “The jackpot is £1,000, which is small-time for a slot machine.” Dylan didn’t expect to win that. “I had a few free spin rounds that got me over £100, which was pretty nice on a £5 spin, but I wanted something more.” Dylan’s persistence paid off, as he eventually won the £1,000 jackpot. “I was truly excited then; all of that without depositing!”

Now, Dylan isn’t certain what he wants to do. “On the one hand, I could upgrade my phone with it. God knows that it’s embarrassing to not have an iOS in this day and age.” An upgraded phone would also give Dylan the option to play Arabian Nights while on the go, something which he thinks is very tempting. “But on the other hand, I could use the £1,000 to go and spin on other machines that have even bigger rewards.” Dylan laughed. “So I could either take the boring route and upgrade my phone, or I could take a bigger risk and play for bigger rewards.” Dylan thinks that he might try to do both, with Arabian Nights always in the back of his head in case he falls low on money to play with again.