Caleb Wins a Groovy £2,500 on Funky Seventies

Scatter bonus leads local Chester lad to a big win, plans to go to Germany for the weekend to visit an old friend.

“I get a lot of comments about how I dress.” Caleb noted with a grin. “People don’t get to see someone wearing the whole tacky seventies outfit anymore.” Caleb’s enthusiasm for the seventies knows no bounds, as his entire wardrobe comprises of different seventies outfits scrounged from thrift shops and bargain bins. “I love the way that I look, and when people see me dancing along to some classic seventies tunes, they always stop to take a picture.”

At home, Caleb doesn’t stop rocking out to the seventies look. “I did a lot of research into what a home would look like in the seventies if it was a groovy pad, and I think I nailed it.” He didn’t stop there, either, as even his online casino play reflected it. “I went to BGO casino and tried to find some games that I figured would be out in the seventies, or at least reminded me of the seventies.”

Funky SeventiesHe’d been expecting that he would be stuck playing some traditional slot machines and Blackjack, as he didn’t think that any online casino would cater to his specific needs. Instead, he was surprised to find the Funky Seventies slot machine. “The music, the look of the icons, even the background image fit with the exact feel of the seventies!” Caleb couldn’t get enough of it.

That excitement only grew as he continued to play, eventually crescendoing to an insane high when he hit the scatter bonus. “What that did was gave me some free spins, and then it combined all of my winnings from the free spins.” Caleb laughed. “I won £2,500 on that one spin alone!”

Caleb has already set aside his best outfits to go visit his old friend that lives in Germany. “I haven’t seen that cool cat in over a decade. We’ve both been too busy to set the time aside, and it’s always so expensive to take some time off and travel.” Caleb smiled. “I can’t wait to show him my new threads! Maybe we’ll show everyone at the club scene how groovy we are, too.”