Brandon Shakes the Earth in Elements

Liverpool local wins £3,920 in NetEnt’s Elements through a special free spin streak, plans trip to Norway.

“When I was choosing what machine to play,” Brandon slowly explained, “I wanted one that would give me as many options to win with as possible.” Brandon had initially planned to use his free spins no deposit bonus and quit, but quickly found that playing in an online casino was a fun pastime. However, he wanted to pick a machine that would give him a wide variety of ways to win so that he wasn’t just playing for fun.

ElementsThat was how Brandon stumbled upon the Elements slot machine. “It looks a little complicated when you first start playing,” Brandon said, “but once you get the hang of the core mechanics it’s a breeze.” Scatter bonuses are linked to the avalanche system instead of being random: each time that a winning line appears, it is destroyed and replaced with new tiles, giving the player another chance to win on the same spin. Each one of these contributes to an elemental diamond at the bottom of the screen; enough wins on the same spin triggers what would normally be a scatter bonus: free spins.

“I got an Earth-based free spin,” he explained, “which basically meant that this big Earth guardian would stomp on Earth-symbol tiles to turn them into wild cards on each spin.” This combined with the free spin system racked up £3,920 in winnings for Brandon on one spin alone. “It was wild, I was definitely pleased with how quickly I won from Elements.” Brandon was also quick to point out that this was only one of many ways to win.

Now, Brandon plans to combine his winnings with his girlfriend’s savings to go on a trip to Norway. “We’ve always wanted to go,” Brandon said with a grin, “we’re both ski-enthusiasts–well, she’s more of a snowboarder, but we both love to ski. Britain’s not really the best place for it, now is it?” Brandon also plans to go back to playing Elements. “Might sneak a few rounds on the lift while I’m there, couldn’t hurt to maybe win a bit more money to play around with while we’re there.”